Create pathways and generate enthusiasm towards being a career CPA

Let’s be real. More CPA’s is better for everyone.

CPA’s are leaving the profession (retirement or burnout) faster than they are enrolling in college programs.

So, what is FractionalCPA’s all about?

  1. CPA’s: Create a pathway for CPA’s to hang out their own shingle so they can choose where, how much, and what they work.
  2. Companies: Spread the CPA across multiple companies to stabilize the demand
  3. Students: Changing the narrative of what it means to be a career CPA

Why is this good?

  1. CPA’s: This alternative pathway allows CPA’s to consider staying in the profession rather than leaving for another career due to burnout. Oh yeah, and way more money
  2. Companies: Times are changing. Your needs may be satisfied by a part time CPA. HR/Employee risk is reduced as CPA’s are outside consultants. Sharing a CPA with another company may mean your work can actually get done. Less expensive than CPA Firms
  3. Students: On the fence of starting a CPA program? Scared about the stigma of a Big4 or Public Accounting experience as a career? We’ve all seen the online social media posts. Get paid less than your peers in sales or business majors and work 2x as many hours. Let me leave you with this sentiment as you progress in your choices: THERE’S ALWAYS A BETTER WAY when you’re using FractionalCPAs.